Bruce’s Furniture Restoration


Estimates:                                              No charge within Boulder city limits


Shop Rate:                                             $75.00 per hour/ one hour minimum


On-site repair and touch-up:            $85.00 per hour/ one hour minimum


Pick-up and delivery service:            Negotiable


Insurance estimates:                           Minimum $50.00



Refinishing: Removal of old finish, clean, sand, repair, fill, stain and apply multiple coats of new finish


Finishing: The primary finish is fine, overcoat with lacquer or other penetrating or surface finishes


Restoration: Commonly period pieces where the less done to a piece the better; cleaning, repair and color restoration


Staining and coloring: Primarily penetrating oil stains, other coloration methods available (eg. dyes)


Gluing: Broken pieces, loose joints, stretchers


Veneering: Repair and replacement of partial or full panel components


Part fabrication: Machining or carving replacement parts ……..missing or un-repairable


Stripping: cold chemical, wood safe removal of old finishes


Cleaning and touch-up: Removal of built up waxes, food and body oils, coloration  of nicks and scratches as opposed to a total refinish