Bruce’s Furniture Restoration

About Me

Well, it’s not always about me. It’s about you, the customer. I worked  commercial projects with and without designers. I have many years of experience in furniture touch-up and color matching, caning, veneer repairs, hand carving and parts replacement.

I provide estimates and pick-up and delivery services.

I take pride in the quality of service that I provide because that is truly the business I’m in.




I have worked with Bruce Blumberg for several years. I was partially responsible for bringing him from Utah to Boulder.

He is a skilled craftsman and quite a talented artist. His 30 years of experience blends purist woodworker with master finisher.

I recommend him often.


Jeffrey Scott

Touch-up artist


Bruce is a furniture repair magician…………..

his finishes dazzle!


Helen Anderson



I’ve know and worked around Bruce for the past 4

years and I’ve been impressed by his knowledge and his passion for what he does. Whether it’s repair, refinish or touch up, Bruce puts his heart into his work and it shows. Since I work mostly on new projects, I would often comment to Bruce ”why not just build a new one”?-but he takes something that has an intrinsic value and importantly...a history… and turns it back into something well worth holding on’s truly an art form.


Jon Ehrlich