Bruce’s Furniture Restoration

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I consider myself quite fortunate for I have found my

American Dream. My niche.

It seems as though most of what I did the first part of my work life shaped what I have been doing since.

From my education at Utah State University in Biological Sciences, to becoming a professional wood carver, to being a finish carpenter on new homes. This and more lead the way to becoming what I am today, an Artistic Craftsman in furniture restoration.

For the past 30 years I have been fine tuning my craft, always learning, always expanding my horizons.

Bringing life back to family treasures is a reward all its own, sharing the happiness of the client when they see the restored piece for the first time is worth the effort.

I am grateful to live and practice my trade in Boulder.


2516 49th St., Suite 1

Boulder, Colorado 80301

303 938 9399